Importing Results from Archery Score Sheets

It is possible to import the results output from the Android application Archery Score Sheets (written by Tristan Robertson and available on Google Play).

The first step is to create your event and set up your flights. Then, from the Event Details screen, right-click on a flight you want to import scores into, then select Import -> Archery Score Sheets. The next step is to drag and drop the Excel scoresheets onto the import screen.

Any problems importing the scores will be displayed in the Status column. If the archer's name cannot be found in the system but you know the member exists, right-click en the entry in the list and select Edit Archer. You can then match the name to the existing member.

If the club is not found, you can right-click on the entry and select Set Club.

Once you are happy everything looks correct, press the Import button.