If you select the events menu option you will see the following screen.

If you right-click on the list, you can select from the following options:

New Event - creates a new event

Edit Event - edits an existing event

Target Allocations - allows you to manage target allocations for an event

Mark Event As - allows you to mark an event as read-only or cancelled

Export Event Results - exports the event results

Print Event Placings - prints event placing cards (if these have been set up for you)

Process Claims - allows you process claims for an event

Process Records - allows you process records for an event

Publish to Repository - publishes the event to the repository and creates a permanent record

Remove From List - removes the event from your list

Delete Selected - permanently deletes the event from the repository (if you have permissions to do this)

Important: Removing an event from this list simply removes the event if the event has been published to the main repository, it can be re-fetched at any time. Choosing delete permanently deletes the event from the main repository. If you accidentally delete an event from the database it cannot be reinstated.