Manage Matchplay Events, brackets and results

This feature currently in BETA testing - access is limited 

We are calling this a BETA as it has not, yet, been field tested.

We have put in many hours testing the feature, and reproducing the results from previous Matchplay events to ensure it is fit for use.

However, as it has not been used for a live event, you should ensure you have alternate means to manage your matchplay event in case there are unexpected issues.

This first release of the Matchplay feature is aimed at the Event Organiser / Coordinator

This includes the ability to draw the results from the Qualifying Rounds into the Event to automatically rank the archers and teams, and to generate the matchplay tables.

As the results of each match are entered, the Matchplay tables are updated showing the new pairings.

This initial release does not have support for electronic scoring for the Matchplay events, although we do plan on adding this feature in the future.

Scoring for the matchplay pairing will still continue with the paper records at this time, with only the result of the match being entered into the system.