The Matchplay Table shows the current state of the Bracket, and can be used to enter the results of each pairing.

Example Round 1 table from 2021 Matchplay

Here we can see there is only one pairing to be completed in round 1.

Due to the number of entrants, only the 8/9 pairing needs to be completed. All of the other archers received a BYE.

The number in the brackets [  1] indicates the archers original ranking from the Ranking rounds.

The blue bar on the left of a pairing indicates that results have not been entered.

Entering Results

Click on a cell to enter the results for the pairing.

As results are entered, the table is updated automatically, and the winners progressed.

For non-elimination events, the loser of each pairing is also progressed to the next round accordingly.

Managing Ties

Where the scores or points results in a tie, the winner of the tie-breaker must be selected

The winner of the tie-breaker is represented with a bulls-eye symbol

Correcting an error

I an error is made in the entry of a result, then you can re-select the cell to correct the result.

Note: all subsequent matches (following rounds) that are linked to the alteration are cleared.

For example: Correcting the highlighted match will result in the indicated rounds being reset, and the results of those matches will need to be re-entered.

Final Results

Once all of the results have been entered, the final results appears able the Matchplay Table