Groups are used to either effect the way the results are presented, or to effect the way the system checks for Records.

To display the Groups information for an event, select an event from the Event list page, and select the Archers button.

The are two types of Groups which can be added to a Event.

1) Scoring Groups are used to inform Archers Diary how your wish to have the results presented.

Scoring Groups may consist of one or more Flights.

Multiple Scoring Groups can be created for an event, so that the results are presented as required.

2) Double-Round Record Groups are used to indicate to the system that the combined scores from the two events are to be assessed against the appropriate double-round records list. 

The Group must consist of exactly two flights. 

This Group does not impact on the way the data is presented. If you wish to have the combined scored presented as such, then a Scoring Group must also be created.