Importing Member Awards

You can import member awards from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In order to do this, go to the Repository menu, then select Local Data, then select Awards Data. Select Export Blank Template to export the required template.

The exported template has 12 sheets for the various award types. Please note that the system will only import awards for existing members.


Notes for All Gold/Perfect Scores:

General Notes:

Once you have completed filling in the exported spreadsheet, go to the Repository menu, select Local Data, then select Awards Data, the select Import. You will be prompted to open the spreadsheet. Select the spreadsheet then press OK. At this point, the system will attempt to import your members' awards. Once this is complete, you will see a dialog window displaying how many awards were imported and how many awards were not imported. If you have awards that are not being imported, you will need to re-visit the spreadsheet to make sure that the data entered is in the correct format.