has been reinvented to use the latest technologies to make the task of administering an online shoot as simple as possible.

Note: requires a permanent connection to the Internet. It cannot be used offline.

06-APR-2023 - 3.0.2


add: Link to Support website

Bug fixes

fix: Issue Awards (Award Colour error)

fix: Download Archer List for Event

fix: Create new Record (JSON error)

28-MAR-2023 - 3.0.1

Bug fixes

fix: Date retention on return to Events

fix: Round selection and save for Archer

fix: Redirect to transfers when no items

27-MAR-2023 - 3.0.0


chg: Major update to supporting services

Angular updated from v13 to v15

Bootstrap updated from v4.x to v5.x

API services updated from NET FW 4.8 to NET Core 6.0


add: Login process changed from integrated page to a dedicated Identity Service.


add: cookies policy and disclaimer information to status bar

add: Automatically display the Member Transfers page on login, if there are pending transfers


add: Support for Event-Judges (can be applied to all Flights in Event)



Add electronic (arrow) scoring via


Changes made are now logged and are available for review by all Recorders.

- Event / Flight / Archers / Scores

- Members records

- Summary of changes by Club Recorder


Bug fixes

Fix: Bracket Name too long for Excel tab name

Fix: if only 3 teams/archers in Matchplay Bracket .. 3rd place should be auto-assigned bronze

Fix: for Bronze match in Matchplay, top of table needs to be assigned top of match


Add ability to assign starting target per round

Add ability to set individual or shared target allocations per round

Add ability to mark a match as forfeit by archer

Add Export of full Teams information


Cloning Events and Flights

Add ability to include the "Max Archers" setting when cloning Event / Flight

Add ability to include "Host Club" setting when cloning an Event


Allow Club Recorders to "Mark as Issued" any Pending classification item


Bug fixes

Fix: Force browser locale to "en-AU" to prevent date formatting issues in non-English browsers

Fix: Full-face selection for Para W1 archer shooting WA 50/720 round.


Importing options

Add importing of Members from STG export

Add importing of Archers from STG export file into Flights

Add importing of Teams and Team members from STG export file into Matchplay



Add flight filters when selecting flights for Matchplay Brackets

Add starting target number for each round in Matchplay Brackets (auto assignment)

Fix export of Matchplay table to Excel


Awards and Classifications

Fix ability to Issue and Delete Classifications and Awards

Refer: Awards and Classifications



Enabled Matchplay for all recorders

Added ability to combine all Divisions in a bracket

Add support for handicapped qualifying round

Refer: Matchplay

Flight configuration

Unlocked until first archer scoring has commenced


Matchplay target allocation

Add automated target allocations

Refer: Matchplay


Clone Round

Add the ability to clone an existing Club Round

Refer: Club Rounds

Unprocessed Awards

Add the "Discipline" column to Export