has been reinvented to use the latest technologies to make the task of administering an online shoot as simple as possible.


Support for Member transfers

A new feature has been added to the Membership pages to support the transfer of a Member from another Club.

The new Club create a request for the Member to be transferred, and the old Club will accept the request to complete the transfer, or reject the request if there are reasons why the transfer cannot occur.


Updated Handicap management

The Handicap formulae have been modified such that an Archers handicap can move both up and down.

The system now calculates a Archers handicap based only on the past 12 months of shoots, where 10 more more rounds shot in the past 12 months .. or the last 10 shoots, where less than 10 shoots in the past 12 months.


Para and Vision Impaired Archers

This release adds support for Para and Vision Impaired archers, and the ability for Classifiers to set the Ability Classifications for all (Para and Vision Impaired) archers nationally.

  • Para Open
  • Para W1
  • Vi 1
  • Vi 2/3

Event Management

Added Event Summary and Score Summary links to Event list.

  • Event Summary: Provides the full list of archers registered into an event.
    (new) Now includes Handicap information.

  • Score Summary: A very brief list of results by Round. Suitable for publishing of weekly results (eg Facebook or newspaper)

  • Flights: Now includes options for allowing Para and Vision Impaired archers to register.

  • Archer registration: Minor tweaks to the ways archers are registered to an event.
    If the round is not locked, the most-used rounds (for the Club) are displayed first to simplify the round-selection.

  • Scoring Groups: Additional options are now available to provide more flexibility in the Events Results pages, including support for the new Para and Vision Impaired archers.

24-Apr-2017 - Club Management

This release adds the ability to update your Club details, and manage Club Rounds.

  • Club Details: Update the Location, Contact and relevant Position information.

  • Club Rounds: Create and update custom rounds held at the Club

09-Feb-2017 - Event Awards

This release adds Event awards, classifications, records and handicap improvements.

This release adds Member Handicap summary.

  • Event Awards: Displays a list of unclaimed awards earned by an archer during the event.

  • Classifications: If an archer achieves a rating for a Classification not yet claimed, the classification information is presented.

  • Club Records: For Club Events, any new Club Records are listed.

  • Improved Handicaps: If an archer achieves a rating which improves their handicap, the information is presented.

  • Member Handicap Summary: displays a summary of Ratings achieved for all events. Defaults to list only the events which improved the handicap.

28-Nov-2016 - Membership Management

This release adds the ability to manage your Clubs member information.

  • Membership Management: Create and Edit the information for members of your Club.

  • Home Page: after login, a new landing page is displayed, allowing selection of the available modules.

  • Navigation Controls: part of the navigation area now stays visible when scrolling down through long lists (eg events, archer).

  • Club Filter: minor change to the way the filter is displayed.

  • Recorder Passcode Privileges: The Recorder Passcode created for the event can now be used to add archers to events.
    This includes events not marked for online registration and flights that have already commenced.

10-Aug-2016 - Initial Release

In addition to the many features offered by the original manage.iscored application, we have introduced several new features to assist with event management:

  • Clone Events: with this feature, you can create a copy of an existing event. All Flights and Scoring Groups are copied across, along with all relevant settings. No archers are copied
  • Auto-Lock scores: Archers using the application will be prevented from updating scores 5 minutes are their last end is recorded.
  • Recorder Password: this is a system-generated password, which can be supplied to event support staff to assist with score entry and correction.
    The Recorder password can correct scores after the auto-lock timeout.

This password is to be used by event support staff, and should not be given to the archers.

  • Flight Password: it is now possible to apply a different password to each flight. If a flight password is not supplied, the Event password is used.
  • Lock Default Round: when checked, archers registering via will not be able to change the selected round for the flight.
  • Default Settings: the default values for a number of items in the Event and Flight pages can be set. When creating a new Event or Flight, manage.iscored will use these default values.
  • Handicap Import: when a flight is a handicap flight, the handicaps for all of the archers registered in the flight can be imported.
  • Scoring: manage.iscored now has full support for scoring. Arrow-by-arrow, Range Totals and Round totals are all available. is available to all existing Club Recorders. To access the application, navigate to and enter your Club Manager credentials.

The new version has been tested on Windows© desktop (Internet Explorer and Chrome), Mac desktop (Safari and Chrome), Windows© Phone (Internet Explorer), Android Phone and Tablets (Android Internet and Chrome), Apple Phone and iPad (Safari).

Note:        manage.iscored requires a permanent connection to the Internet.

It cannot be used offline.