The Home Page is the page displayed after login. It provides links to the various modules within the application.

Event Management: 

  • Create, Edit and Cancel Archery Events in Archers Diary.
  • Manage Flights in an event
  • Manage Archers in an Event
  • Manage Teams in an Event
  • Manage Scoring Groups in an Event
  • Manage Scores
  • Manage Event Awards
  • Refer: Event Management

Membership Management: 

  • Create and Edit club member information.
  • Manage Associate memberships
  • Manage Member Transfers
  • Review Unprocessed Awards
  • Manage Member Awards and Classifications
  • Refer: Member Management

Club Management: 

  • View and update basic Club information. 
  • View a Club Summary
  • View Club Details
  • Manage customised Club Rounds
  • Review the Recorders who have access to the data
  • Refer: Club Management

Record Management: 

  • Records management for National, State and Club records
  • Review the Records for any Class / Gender / Division at any level (National / State / Club)
    • Note: It is the responsibility of the relevant State or Club recorder to maintain this data
  • Export a full set of records (to Excel) for any given Level
    • National : All national records
    • State: Records for the selected State
    • Club: Records for the selection Club
  • Ability to generate Certificates (user must be familiar with using the Excel MailMerge feature)
  • Process multiple events, checking for National, State or Club records.
    • Note: only one level can be checked at a time.
    • A maximum of 31 days of events can be processed at a time
  • Refer: Records Management


  • Manage Matchplay events, including Elimination and Non-Elimination events
  • Manage Brackets - Individuals and Teams
  • Generate the matchplay tables (pairiings)
  • Enter the results or each match (auto updates the next round)
  • Refer: Matchplay

Para / Vision Classification: 

  • Authorised users will be able to use to manage the Ability Classification for all Members in the Archer Diary database.
  • Refer: Para & Vision Impaired

Not all menus are available to all users.