This is a list of common questions when using the new application

What type of device do I need to use

System requirements

How do I access

Getting Started

How do I select the archers I wish to score?

Selecting a Flight

Selecting Archers

What do I do if an archer retires from the round?

Retiring an archer

How do I correct a score?

Correcting an end

How can I review my scoresheet after the event?

Viewing a Scoresheet

What do I do when I am finished?

When you have completed the scoring for all archers, you need to check the scores have been synced.

If the scores have been synced, the disc stack at the top left of the scoresheet will be green, and the button on the bottom right will read Sign Out.

You can press the Sign Out button and complete the scoring process.

If, however, the disc stack is red or the button on the bottom right reads Sync, this means that the scores have not yet been synced.

Return to an area with Internet access and press the Sync button. The disc stack should turn green, and you will be able to Sign Out.

The busy "spinner" just keeps spinning .. what do I do?

Sometimes when moving from offline to online, the spinner will indicate that the system is trying to connect and sync, but does not finish.

To fix this, you need to refresh or reload the page.

For Android devices, pull down on the page to trigger a page refresh.

For iOS devices, or if the above does not work for Android, use the system menus to completely close the application, and restart.

All of the scoring data is stored on the device, so nothing will be lost.

Restarting will allow the application to re-establish the link to the server.