To create a new member, click on the Create button on Member list page

To edit an existing member, select the member from the Member list page, and click on the Edit button.

Member management buttons

Create: Create a new Member

Edit: Edit the selected Member

When creating a new member, a blank form will be displayed, only the default values will be set.

When editing an existing member, the details of the member will be loaded, ready to be updated.

For a new member, or if any of the following information is changed, you will need to Check the member details before adding.

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Date of Birth
  • AA Number
  • RGB Number

You will not be able to save the member information if the provided AA Number or RGB Number are already in the Archers Diary database.

If the system finds an existing member with the same Surname and Date of Birth (if provided) or same Surname and Given Name, you will be warned that a possible match already exists, but will be able to save the changes.

Complete the form and Save the information to create the member.

Country: The country the member belongs to. Auto selected based on the Club for the logged in user. (compulsory)

RGB: The RGB the member belongs to. Auto selected based on the Club for the logged in user. (compulsory)

Club: The Club the member belongs to. Auto selected based on the Club for the logged in user. (compulsory)

Surname: Surname for the member. (compulsory)

Given Name: Given name for the member. (compulsory)

Gender: Members gender.

Date of Birth: Members date of birth. Either the DOB must be entered, or the Default Class selected.

AA Number: Members AA Number.

RGB Number: Members RGB Number.

Default Division: Select the bow type the member usually shoots. This is the default division selected when the member registers for an event in Archers Diary

Default Class: If the members DOB is supplied, then Archers Diary will automatically select the class based on the members age. If the member prefers to shoot in a higher Class, then select the class the member prefers to shoot in.

Qualifications: If the member is qualified in any of the listed positions, select all that apply.

- The QRE Official qualification has been replaced with individual qualifications as Event Judge for Target (Outdoor & Indoor), Field and Clout.

- Once a member has completed the relevant training and been certified as an Event Judge, assigning the relevant qualification here will allow them to be selected as an event judge for the qualified Disciplines.


Ability Classification

- Para Archer or Vision Impaired : this setting can only be changed by the officials for the Para and VI committee.


- if the member does not wish to be listed on Archers Diary, check this box. 

  Note: the archer will not be able to participate in any event where electronic scoring is required. 

  Members who are excluded in this way can only have their scores entered into the system manually, by the club recorder.

Display Name: 

- If Exclude is selected, an alternate name can be supplied to enable the archer to compete in Archers Diary events.

Email Address: Members email address

Status: The members current status

Active: the member is an active member of the club

Inactive: the member is no longer an active member of the club. Note: The member will not be listed on Archers Diary

The other status' can be used, as desired. They hold not special meaning within Archers Diary