has been reinvented to use the latest technologies, allowing a single application to be used on all modern devices for both online and off-line scoring.

Once the archers to be scored at a target have been selected, the scoring device can be disconnected from an active Internet connection for the duration of the shoot.

Only once the scoring has been completed must the device be reconnected to the Internet for the scores to be uploaded.

The new version has been tested on Windows© desktop (Internet Explorer and Chrome), Mac desktop (Safari and Chrome), Windows© Phone (Internet Explorer), Android Phone and Tablets (Android Internet and Chrome), Apple Phone and iPad (Safari).


Retention of recent scoresheets will now retain scores from the the last 6 flights scored on the device.


Updated the documentation

The documentation has been updated to reflect the recent changes in the application

01-Sep-2020 : New release of

The application has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to support the the latest technologies and security enhancements.

Support login to events by QR-Code

28-Nov-2016 : Recorder Passcode Privileges

The Recorder Passcode, created using can now be used to add archers to events.

This includes events not tagged as allow online registration, and for flights that have already commenced.