If you wish to reset your password, or have forgotten your password, pressing on the I forgot my password link will bring you to this page.

Enter your login id (registered email address), and the system will immediately send you a link to allow you to reset you password.

Note: If you no longer have access to your registered email address, you must contact IT Support and lodge a request you have your email address updated.

The email you receive will look something like this (depending on your email application):

Clicking on the provided link will return you to the manage.iscored.today website, where you can provide a new Password.

Note: The link is active for 30 minutes only .. after this time the link will expire, and a new request must be sent.

Enter your new password (twice to confirm), then click on the Update button.

Once successfully updated, you will be returned to the Login page to login with the new password.