To create a new Flight, click on the Add button on the Flight list page.

To edit an existing flight, select the flight from the flight list, and select the Edit button.

Flight management buttons

Create: Create a new Flight

Edit: Edit the selected Flight

Clone: Creates a copy of the selected Flight

Delete: Deletes the selected Flight (cannot be undone)

When creating a new flight, a blank form will be displayed, only the default values will be set.

When editing an existing flight, the details of the flight will be loaded, ready to be updated.

Property Definitions

Flight name: The name of the flight, as it should be published to Archers Diary. (compulsory)

Location: Where the flight is to be held.

Flt #: Flight number. Auto populated field, set by the system.

Day #: Which day of the event the flight is held. (compulsory)

Max Archers: The maximum number of archers that can be registered to the flight. Leave blank for no limit.

Practice Starts: The time practise starts for the flight. (compulsory)

Competition Starts: The time the flight shoot begins. (compulsory)

Discipline: Outdoor, Indoor, Field or Clout (compulsory)

Outdoor, Indoor and Clout

Default Round: The default round that will be selected when an archers registers for the flight. (compulsory, except Field)

: Locks the default round. Check this box to prevent the archer from changing the Round.

Must Use Alt Face: If the round has an Alternate face, this face must be used.


Field Type: Which type of Field event is being hosted

Field Rounds: The Rounds which will be available for selection by the Archer. 

All Flights must have at least one Field Round added. You will not be able to save the flight unless you have done so.

The first round added will be used as the default selection for registering archers.

Note: You must have a Club Round created which is the same type as the Field Type selected. You will be advised if you do not have any to chose from.

If this is the case, you must enter the Clubs / Club Rounds section of iManage and create the appropriate Club Round first.

Hide Distances: When selected, the distances entered into the round will not appear on the iScored application.

This could be used when you are running an Unmarked event, and are using a Club Round traditionally setup for Marked events, or the Event is using a custom configuration and the club does not have the Distances/Faces for this round entered into the system.

This will allow the archers to continue to score, but without being given incorrect information in the iScored application.

Handicap Flight: Check if the flight is a Handicap flight. Select the scoring mechanism to be used.  AA Scoring or Most Improved.

Flight Override Passcode: If a unique passcode is required for the Flight, set the passcode here. If left blank, the Event passcode is used.

Shoot 6-arrow ends instead of 3-arrow ends: Check if you want all ends scored as 6-arrow end (rather than two sets of 3, for some rounds).

72 Arrow qualifying round: Check if the flight is a 72 Arrow qualifying round.

Allow Para Archers: Archers who have a classification of "Para Open" or "Para W1" can set their Class to "Para Archer" during registration to shoot the event.

Allow Vision Imp'd: Archers who have a classification of "Vision Vi1" or "Vision Vi2/3" can set their Class to "Vision Impaired" during registration to shoot the event.

Prevent Unclassified: (Allow Para or Allow Vision must be checked). Prevent Unclassified archers from registering in this Flight .. IE the Flight is for Para Archer and/or Vision Impaired shooter only.

Award Type: If relevant, set the Award Type: None, FITA Star, FITA Award or FITA Arrowhead.

Award Round: For FITA Award type, select the award round: FITA 60/900, Half FITA 90/720, Half FITA 70/720, Half FITA 60/720, FITA 90/720, FITA 70/720 or FITA 60/720.

DOS: The Director of Safety

Assistant DOS: The Assistant Directory of Safety

Judges: List of judges for the flight.

Lunch Provided: Check if lunch is provided.

Lunch Cost: If lunch is provided, enter the cost.

Temperature: Temperature information on the day of the flight.

Wind: Wind information for the day of the flight.

Notes: Any notes you wish to record about the flight.

Include in Leaderboard: Flight is included in the club leaderboard. The leaderboard works by ranking the archers by the average of all their leaderboard scores.

Lock Flight: Prevents further changes to scores by

Save Defaults (#): Click to save the default settings for new flights. All items marked with the blue hash mark (#) will be recorded as the default setting when a new flight is created.