When creating or editing a Club Round, the following page is presented.

Name: Name of the Club Round

Discipline: Associated Discipline

Arrow Diameter: Allowed (maximum) arrow diameter

Field Type: Type of Field round (Field only)

Peg Colour: Associated Peg Colour (Field only)

Distances: List of distances associated with this round

Hide Distances for iScored: When selected, the distances entered into the round will not appear on the iScored application.

This setting overrides the Flight setting and if selected, distances will not be visible on any flight.

This would be used when either the Round is an Unmarked round, or the Distance/Face information is inaccurate.

Distance Details

When a Target / Range is selected, the associated information appears on the right

Indoor, Outdoor, Clout

Field Targets

Distance: distance to target

Face: Size and type of Face

Allow Alternate Face: if there is an option on which face to use, check this box and select the alternate in Alternate Face dropdown.

Alternate Face: the alternate face allowed

Inner Ten: select if the distance does not score X's

Compound Inner Ten: select if the distance does not score X's for Compound division.

# Ends the number of ends for this distance

Arrows per End: the number of arrows to be shot at each end (total arrows = #Ends * ArrowsPerEnd)

Scoring Type: 

* Normal: arrows are scored normally

* Consecutive: ends are grouped in pairs (1&2, 3&4, 5&6, etc) when determining All-Gold and Perfect awards.

Select the [Save] button when you have completed all changes.