10/04/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportEvent not showing Target awardsPending
03/04/ (Android Application)New Feature RequestTeams - show team current scorePending
31/03/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestChange of club.Pending
25/03/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestCorrection Request: Division Error in SOPA AARDP QRE Event Held on 24/03/2024Pending
16/03/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportEvent Results not showing DOSPending
03/03/ (Website)Bug ReportPotential National Record not shownPending
28/02/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportInformation icon displaying incorrect timePending
21/02/ ManagerOther RequestClub recorder TCofAPending
03/11/ ManagerNew Feature RequestAdd World Archery 3D rounds as official AA roundsPending
03/11/2023Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestTeam stuff, select a group of archers to follow all their resultsPending
03/11/2023Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestEvent Calendar select Club in the RGBPending
21/10/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportScoring Untrapped sourcePending
05/10/ ManagerBug ReportNo Import members buttonPending
01/10/ ManagerNew Feature RequestUpdate Level Report to include Distance recordsPending
04/09/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportUnable to process club recordsPending
20/08/ (Website)Bug ReportEvent awards not loadingPending
15/08/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportState Records - Round pick listPending
06/08/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportRecords - Round pick list for FieldPending
26/07/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportView State Records not workingPending
06/05/ (Website)New Feature RequestPB, shows new pb, please show previous pbPending
03/04/ ManagerBug ReportUnable to create new recordsPending
02/04/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportUnhandled Exception on Download Archer List in iManagePending
31/03/ ManagerBug ReportError when marking 6 gold awards as processedPending
28/03/ ManagerBug ReportManage application latest changePending
27/03/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportDate filter for events keeps dropping offPending