17/06/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestI'm an Admin and my email has changedPending
31/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug Reportuntrapped error has occurred viewing event award claimsPending
29/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportCan't register for an event via Archers Diary web sitePending
28/05/ (Website)Bug ReportPotential State records being displayed in iScored.Today at end of the eventPending
26/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug Report12 Unmarked event flight issuesPending
26/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestDirect link to "My Events" page etcPending
25/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportScores not reporting correctlyPending
24/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestAccess to The Archer's DiaryPending
21/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportEvent Results - Year selection does not match resultsPending
19/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportArchers Diary - tools and info - scorecardsPending
16/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestMissing Gender columnPending
10/05/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestHow to bulk import members into imanage.todayPending
27/04/ ManagerBug ReportNo handicap or allowance being shown for archerPending
21/04/ ManagerOther RequestChange International Visitor Club DetailsPending
10/04/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportEvent not showing Target awardsPending
03/04/ (Android Application)New Feature RequestTeams - show team current scorePending
31/03/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Other RequestChange of club.Pending
16/03/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportEvent Results not showing DOSPending
03/03/ (Website)Bug ReportPotential National Record not shownPending
28/02/2024Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportInformation icon displaying incorrect timePending
21/02/ ManagerOther RequestClub recorder TCofAPending
03/11/ ManagerNew Feature RequestAdd World Archery 3D rounds as official AA roundsPending
03/11/2023Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestTeam stuff, select a group of archers to follow all their resultsPending
03/11/2023Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestEvent Calendar select Club in the RGBPending
21/10/2023Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportScoring Untrapped sourcePending