21/09/ (Website)New Feature Requestuser interface improvementsPending
04/09/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportLogin & PasswordImplemented
22/08/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportTC600/25 - fails- no recorded elements on score sheetsPending
22/08/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportTC600/40 incorrect setupPending
22/08/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportTC600/25 review rating calculatorPending
22/08/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportIndoor Rating TC600/40 set to 900 - not 600Pending
30/07/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportState Records - Round Filter listPending
30/07/2020Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestReintroduce string building and weight matching toolsPending
24/07/2020Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestRecordsPending
01/07/ ManagerNew Feature RequestExport Membership Data to ExcelPending
14/06/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportRecordsPending
14/06/2020Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestClout Classifications / AwardsPending
23/05/ (Website)Bug ReportUnable to log into event to scorePending
03/04/ (Website)New Feature RequestUsing QR CodesImplemented
09/03/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportDisplay of Handicap Results 12 May 2018Pending
29/02/2020Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportClub Tab in iManageImplemented
22/01/ ManagerBug ReportDefaults to 40cm Single FaceImplemented
15/12/ (Website)Bug ReportIScored. Today - very slow and mixed state/clubsImplemented
10/12/2019Club Manager (PC Application)Bug ReportState Records - State Level Event list is truncatedPending
19/11/ ManagerBug ReportPerformance Awards - unable to award Silver all golds to crossbowersPending
13/11/2019Club Manager (PC Application)Bug ReportAccess to State RecordsPending
31/10/ ManagerBug ReportArcher transfers being reversedImplemented
29/10/ (Android Application)Bug Reportlogging in problemPending
27/10/2019Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportIssue downloadingPending
27/10/2019Archer's Diary Personal (Android Application)Bug Reportlogging in problemPending