12/10/2017Club Manager (Website)Bug Reportamalgamate duplicate club flightsPending
28/09/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestVeteran +Pending
19/09/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestManually adding recordsPending
12/09/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportNot a Bug Report. Records enquiryImplemented
06/09/2017Club Manager (PC Application)New Feature RequestState RecordsPending
04/09/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestState RecordPending
09/08/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportHobart ArchersPending
07/08/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature Requesttracking of records for special Club RoundsPending
29/04/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportClubs Duplicating ScoresPending
29/04/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportHandicap Calculation QueryPending
02/04/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestCoaching LogPending
02/04/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestTraining ModePending
02/04/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportRating inconsistencyPending
28/03/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug Reportnational ranking tables incorrect round assignedPending
26/03/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportScoring WA 60/900 NationalPending
11/03/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportLeader-BoardPending
10/03/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestHow to remove none members from the wall ?Pending
01/03/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportNational RankingImplemented
21/02/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportNational Ranking ListPending
21/02/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportAssociate membership appearing on ranking listPending
22/01/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportAustralian 720 Stars incorrectPending
14/01/2017Archer's Diary (Website)New Feature RequestEvent results Year pick list - reorder so latest year at topPending
14/01/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug Report1st event of the year not appearing on Event results pagePending
12/01/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportUnable to register for eventsPending
09/01/2017Archer's Diary (Website)Bug ReportUnable to register for a competitionPending