The Settings menu button contains four options for the keypad layout.

Keypad Order

* Standard: values are ordered like on a calculator keypad

* Reverse: values are order such that the highest value is first

Standard (Default)


Arrow Scores

* Left: arrow scores are displayed on the left of the keypad .. best suited to right-handed scorers

* Right: arrow scores are displayed on the right of the keypad .. best suited to left-handed scorers

Left (default)



* Full: The scoresheet page displays the full scoresheet information including the arrow scores.

* Summary: The scoresheet page displays the summary information only

Full (default)


Arrow Entry

* As Entered: The order the arrows in entered is retained, but are auto-sorted on the scoresheet.

* Auto Sort: The order of the arrows is reordered after each arrow score is selected.

As Entered (default)

This option makes it easier to compare electronic entry with paper scoring.

Auto Sort