Adding Scores

The next screen displays the scoresheets for all of the selected archers.

To add scores, the scorer simply clicks on the Add Scores button. This brings up the scoring window which is similar to the system used in Club Manager.

The scoring screen displays the current archer, the current end as well as the end total and the distance total.

Add scores by tapping a score button. Once all of the scores for the current archer and current end have been entered, the Save & Next button will become enabled. Clicking the button progresses the system to the next archer.

Scores can be deleted by tapping on the recorded score in the score list.

Once scores have been entered for the current end for all archers, the system will return to the scoresheet.

The scores can then be checked against the paper copy if double scoring is being used.

Once all scores have been entered, the Add Scores button will become disabled.